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  • Which facial should I book for my first facial? 
    The New Client Facial is for you. This gives time for a slightly longer consultation to go over your current skincare routine and discuss any skin conditions you want to address. Plus you still get everything you would in the Signature Facial at a discount.
  • Do I need to do anything before my facial? 
    Be sure to fill out any forms that were emailed to you prior to coming in. On the day of try to come in with no makeup. You'll be asked to undress from the waist up and given a spa wrap to change into, so I recommend wearing comfortable pants like leggings.
  • What is a hybrid brow tint?
    A hybrid brow tint is a gel dye that dyes the brow hairs and leaves a temporary tint on the skin. This makes the brows look fuller and like you just filled them in with makeup. The skin tint last 5-10 days depending on skin type and lifestyle, and the dye on the brow hair will last up to 7 weeks.
  • Why would I want a hybrid brow tint?
    The hybrid brow tint is great for those that want fuller darker brows without having to fill them in every morning. It's great for those with thinner brows from over tweezing. Clients who dye their hair a different color and want matching eyebrows.
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