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A Guide to Cold-Weather Glow: Winter Skincare Secrets

As winter wraps its chilly embrace around us, it's time to switch up your skincare routine. In this guide, I'll give you 5 tips to combat those winter skin issues. Say goodbye to dryness and dullness – let's unlock the secrets to cold-weather radiance.

Tip #1 - Layer Up to Lock In Moisture

Think of your skincare routine like you're dressing for winter weather. Think layers. After cleansing, apply a hydrating serum, layer on a rich moisturizer, and seal it all in with a few drops of facial oil.

I recommend Green Envee's H.A. Collagen Boosting Serum followed up with their Nourish Moisturizer, and lastly applying a few drops of Flora Elixir.

Tip #2 - Don't Let Your Home Become a Dry Desert

When it's cold outside, the thermostat is set to heat, maybe a fire is roaring, and we make use of our oven more often. Combat all that indoor heating by using a humidifier. This helps maintain the moisture balance in the air, preventing your skin from becoming overly dry from TEWL (transepidermal water loss).

Pro Tip: Wake up with more hydrated skin by having your humidifier going overnight.

Tip #3 - Sunscreen, Yes Even in Winter

Don't let the winter sun deceive you; harmful UV rays are still at play. Make sunscreen a non-negotiable step in your routine. Look for a broad-spectrum SPF to shield your skin from potential damage like hyperpigmentation. Personally I opt for a mineral based one like TiZO 3.

Tip #4 - Masque and Chill

Time to switch over to a hydrating masque about 1-2x a week. Masking is not just about replenishing your skin with the vital hydration it craves or mending that skin barrier; it's your self-care time to combat those winter blues. So, slather it on, kick back with your favorite show, and enjoy the cozy vibes of this season.

My favorite is the Restore Hydration Masque by Green Envee. My most used masque in the treatment room!

Tip #5 - It's Still Peel Season

With no impromptu pool days or a random invitation to the lake, Winter is the perfect time to consider a chemical peel. Post-peel, avoiding direct sun exposure is a must, and with fewer daylight hours, increased cloudy days, and fewer outdoor activities, this time of year becomes the opportune moment to address concerns like hyperpigmentation, dullness, or texture issues. So book your appointment today!


Remember, your winter radiance is a combination of skincare and self-care. Embrace these tips, book that chemical peel, and enjoy the holiday festivities!

With love, light, and little spice

Heather, Your Holistic Vegan Esthetician

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